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One of our first campaigns addresses the lack of recognition of the achievements of women in architecture, through existing award structures. We have begun this conversation by turning our attention to the Royal Gold Medal. This award is given to any person or group who has had a significant influence ‘either directly or indirectly on the advancement of architecture.’

Since the first award was given in 1848, only one woman has received the medal in her own right - and yet there are countless women who have made extraordinary and wonderful contributions to architecture.

Our first group campaign has sought to change the conversation around what leadership and notions of success look like - highlighting the way in which design awards consistently under represent the immense skill, contributions and impact of women.

We have drawn attention to the fact that since 1848, the Royal Gold Medal for architecture has been awarded to just 1 woman in her own right.

The Alternative List, a crowd-sourced list of women who have been overlooked for the RIBA Royal Gold Medal, has highlighted how many incredible women have been under acknowledged through history.

In August 2019 we worked together to ensure many brilliant women were nominated for consideration for the Gold Medal award in 2020 - and are delighted that the RIBA have announced that the medal will be granted to Grafton Architects, lead by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara.

“That the award has been granted cojointly and to the practice reflects the fact that the production of architecure is a collective activity. Part W and our friends nominated many women from diverse backgrounds for this award, to raise awareness of the fact that the award had up until now been awarded to only one woman in her own right. Going forward we hope the industry will open its eyes to the way in which woman and people from BAME and minority backgrounds are consistently overlooked when it comes to awards and recognition. We hope this is just the start of postive change and offer our warmest congratulaitons to Grafton”
Zoë Berman// Founder of Part W

Our organisation has so far been driven by hard work, energy and commitment of an incredible team of professional women working in the field. We would like to be able to further out outreach and to record and share the Gold Medal campaign. To find out more and help us with our future campaigns here