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One of our first campaigns addresses the lack of recognition of the achievements of women in architecture, through existing award structures. We have begun this conversation by turning our attention to the Royal Gold Medal. This award is given to any person or group who has had a significant influence ‘either directly or indirectly on the advancement of architecture.’

Since the first award was given in 1848, only one woman has received the medal in her own right - and yet there are countless women who have made extraordinary and wonderful contributions to architecture.

We highlighted many of these women and groups of women at our inaugural event: GOLD: Part W Present the Alternative List.

Nominations are currently being put forward for the 2020 Royal Gold Medal, with a deadline to nominate by 30th August.

Part W are putting forward nominations for the following women and collectives who have made a significant contribution to the field of architecture: Dr Sharon Egretta Sutton, Eva Jiricna, Kate Macintosh, Matrix Collective and Denise Scott Brown, and are encouraging others too to nominate amazing women for the RIBA Gold Medal.

If you would like to support one or a number of the women we are nominating and would like to add your name as a supporter, or even better are willing to write a short letter of support please contact us: