Our campaigns are born out of collective discussion, sharing of stories, observation and critique. We always want talk to lead to action – and have found that sharing our frustrations gives way to actions that we hope will bring about change.

We believe in the power of small, multiple actions. We are developing a number of campaigns in 2019 that are both good humoured and incisive, critical and wry. Whilst we are realistic about the challenges ahead we are ambitious about the power to make change. We relish working together as a group and supporting one another, offering empowerment through having a collective voice.

Part W is a recently formed group but together we draw on years of experience. We do not claim to have all the answers. We seek input from women across disciplines to improve our understanding of the kind of discrimination women face both working within, and in relation to, the design and construction industry. Everybody – no matter what their background or area of work – comes in to contact with designed spaces on a daily basis, from housing to infrastructure, public space to schools, health centres, transport hubs and beyond. Our mission is to call time on the layers of inequality that are threaded through in the way in which such places and spaces have been instigated and procured, designed and delivered.

We are hopeful about the future and the possibility for our built environment to be designed by, with and for everybody in a fair and equal manner.

Together, we are working to challenge the way in which young people and future generations are taught about design equality. We want to see a shift in the way women are recognised, represented and rewarded in our industry – and we want to see public events, award programmes and press that is reflective of this.

We are unendingly grateful to the generations of women who have gone before us. With our focus mainly on, but not limited to, our own professional areas of knowledge, we are taking up the mantels of those who have done so much for women’s rights. We are striving to improve the opportunities, rights and representation of all women, for the good of everyone.

We are a voluntary group, and hope to extend our outreach and share knowledge and ideas with others. Please click here to find out how you can help.