GOLD: part of the London Festival of Architecture 2019

The Alternative List has been the first public campaign by Part W that celebrates women who have consistently been overlooked and unrepresented in architecture. Since its inception in 1848, the Royal Gold Medal has been awarded to only one woman in her own right, and three husband and wife teams.

The Alternative List is intended as a wry awareness-raising campaign, to bring attention to the continual gender imbalance in the way women across the industry are recognised and valued.

The Alternative List ask for nominations for women across the centuries who have, as the Royal Medal requires “made a significant contribution either directly or indirectly to architecture”. The resulting and continually evolving crowd-sourced list sees over a hundred nominations for women who have made incredible contributions to the built environment over the past 171 years, and throughout the world.

One of the London Festival of Architecture’s Core Events, “GOLD:Part W” on 13th June 2019 saw 10 guest speakers talk about those they have nominated for the alternative list. The event was an opportunity to learn about a range of amazing women, both individuals and collectives.
Speakers included:
Pam Alexander OBE, Geographer + Future Cities Catapult
Tom Ravenscroft, Editor of Dezeen
Claire Bennie, Municipal
Meneesha Kellay, V & A
Akil Scafe Smith, RESOLVE, Researcher at LSE Cities
Adam Nathaniel Furman, Designer
Tatiana von Preussen, vPPR Architects
Charles Holland, Principle Charles Holland Architects
Sarah Akigbogun, She Draws She Builds, Studio Aki
Anne Thorne, Matrix, Anne Thorne Architects

The event was organised in support of the London Festival of Architecture’s Elephant Campaign.

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